Together with HRBC and BIG DATA, LOGA3 forms a complex HR system that effectively improves the entire human resource management process, allowing HR to contribute to the development of the company’s values as a strategic area. BIG DATA provides for the processing of large quantities of constantly changing data. It supports real-time assessment and controlling.

A partner in analysis

Big Data analytics can be used to collect, integrate, and analyse data from large companies. The data are then made available for the purposes of various analyses to support the making of important business decision and the securing of long-term competitive advantages

The independent solution

As it is based on the know-how gleaned from 45 years of HR experience, LOGA BIG DATA is a unique solution on the Hungarian market.

It provides focus and transparency

LOGA BIG DATA provides all applications, data, and processes in a manner focused on the given business sector, and it supports their connection in real time.

Összpontosít és
áttekinthetővé tesz

A LOGA BIG DATA az összes alkalmazást, adatot és folyamatot az adott üzleti szektorra összpontosítva biztosítja, és lehetővé teszi azok valós időben történő összekapcsolását.